Header Settings in Uranus

There are 3 expandable sections here in order to define your Header preferences in Uranus. Default Header:Here, you can set the background color for the header, the menu link color, the submenu background color, the submenu link color and the top-bottom header spacing. Dark Header:By default, this is a transparent […]

Locate the Theme Settings in Uranus

You can easily customize your theme’s settings by clicking the Design tab on the left panel in the page editor. Theme settings can be adjusted with intuitive controls such as toggles, switches, and color pickers.To edit your theme settings, you’ll first need to create a page with Uranus. The theme […]

Set your Homepage in Uranus

Here are the steps to do so: Log in to HubSpot and go to Marketing > Website > Website Pages from the main top menu. From the top right corner button, click Create > Website page. Then, select the Uranus theme. On next page, select any of the available templates. […]

Create and publish a new page with Uranus

To create a new landing page or website page from scratch: In your HubSpot account, navigate to your landing pages or website pages. In the upper right, click the Create dropdown menu and select Website page or Landing page. Hover over a template and click Preview in the upper right […]

Typography and Responsive Typography Options in Uranus

In your Typography settings, you can control the fonts applies to certain elements in your templates. All Google fonts are supported. You can also select the custom color for the links in your website. You can customize the exact font, size, and style for the headings included on Uranus, the […]

Create a new Blog Post with Uranus

In order to create a new blog post on your HubSpot website: In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Website > Blog. In the upper right, click Create and select Blog post. In the dialog box, select the blog you want to create your post on, then click Create […]

Setup your Global Header in Uranus

In order to edit the Header, go to the Homepage and hover with your mouse on the Header. Click on it and you will see a popup to Open Global content editor. Click to open the Global content editor where you will be able to edit the following settings: Select […]

Create a new Blog in Uranus

Users with the Edit website settings permission can create a new blog in HubSpot. Each account can host up to 100 blogs at one time. In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon in the main navigation bar. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Website > Blog. In the […]

Pre-made Reusable Sections in Uranus

In July 2021, HubSpot for the first time enabled developers to create reusable modules. This is an amazing feature as theme developers can offer sections with pre-configured rows, columns, and modules. Content creators can then insert these sections into the page and start tweaking content and settings for this specific […]