Frequently Asked Questions about Uranus Lite

What do I get with Uranus Lite?

A premium, optimized and fully responsive HubSpot theme for free. All included templates and modules are 100% ready to use, so feel free to create any pages you need.

Where is Uranus Lite based?

Uranus Lite is based on Uranus – Creative Business HubSpot theme, one of the winners in HubSpot Themes Challenge 2021 – First Place prizes

Why do Greatives provide a free HubSpot theme?

After several years in WordPress design and development, it’s time for us to introduce our philosophy to HubSpot Ecosystem. We strongly believe that a premium, free HubSpot theme is the best way to achieve this.

Will Uranus Lite be free forever?

The short answer here: YES!

What you cannot do with Uranus Lite

You cannot resell the theme in any form.